3 Helpful Apps to Streamline Your Business Social Media Posts

I want to share three apps I use to improve and streamline my social media posts. These are posts I create for my business profiles and occasionally for my own social media. Each app has it’s own unique value that help me create and schedule posts faster, and create higher quality photos.

1. Later 

Normal 1484798021 Later

Later is a great app/platform I discovered designed to help you manage your Instagram posts. It has a ton of useful features and is very helpful with tutorials and instructional videos. They allow you to upload, schedule, and manage all of your Instagram posts right on their platform. I use both their website and mobile app and they both work amazing. I upload all the pictures I intend to use for future posts, open up their calendar to the date and time I want to post, and drag the picture into the time slot. This brings up the post creator tool, where I create a caption, description, and any hashtags I intend to use. Once you create and schedule the post, you receive a notification when the scheduled post is ready. It then copies everything from the later app, opens Instagram, and you are able to post through Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow automatic scheduled posting on their app or any others, so this is the closest I’ve been able to get. I love how I can sit down and schedule a bunch of social media posts at one time. This allows me to make sure I’m keeping up with consistent posting and make a batch of posts at once, saving me precious time throughout my day.

2. Pic Stitch

Normal 1484798075 Picstitch

Pic Stitch is the app I use to create all my photo and video collages. This is an easy to use and straightforward app that has saved me a ton of time making photo collages. They have many different options available to choose; from the number of pictures in a collage, to the size, to the layout, and adding filters and photo editing. I love using this to create before and after photos as they are a really great format to showcase our general contracting work. I frequently use side by side comparisons and top/bottom comparisons that really help show off my work. It’s also free to download!

3. Aviary

Normal 1484798364 Aviary

There are a ton of options for photo editing apps, but I like Aviary because of how simple it is to use and how quickly I can edit photos. If you’re like me and don’t have photography experience or a lot of time to edit and play around with photos, then Aviary is a good option. When I upload a photo, you are given about a dozen editing options, from adding effects, to cropping, adjusting, adding text or drawing, enhancing, and more. My favorite is the enhance feature, which brings up auto enhancing options you can choose to best fit the photo, and it takes care of the editing work for you. The enhance option has created beautiful photos for me in a quick and easy way. They also have interesting photo galleries, and an add on shop to use extra effects, frames, stickers, etc. Great app for being able to edit and enhance my photos quickly before uploading to social media.

There you have it, three apps which I hope can help simplify some of your social media duties. They’ve been a big help for me as a small business owner who can’t dedicate a ton of time to social media management, but still wants to put out great content to my audience. Hopefully this can do the same for you and your business. If anyone else has other helpful apps they’d like to recommend I’d love to discuss them.