How We Bring Garage Floors Back to Life

Today I want to share the process we use for re finishing garage and concrete surfaces with new epoxy paint. This is a 1-2 day process and is relatively inexpensive. If you are looking for a DIY project and want to spruce up your garage or just remove years of old oil stains, this is a great project to tackle.

There are four main steps we use when re finishing garage floors-

1. Sweep up and power wash surface completely to remove as much debris as possible.

2. Acid wash the entire surface with a muriatic acid treatment (can be found at any major home improvement store such as Home Depot). Be sure to use gloves and a mask and ventilate the room if possible to avoid breathing in fumes.

3. Apply with a paint roller (we use a smaller nap lint free paint roller such as a 3/8″ Wooster roller with extension pole attachment) a bonding primer. We use Behr’s Bonding Primer and usually about a gallon will work.

4. Apply the garage floor epoxy product (we use Behr’s Garage Floor Epoxy paint in gray color). We apply two coats, letting the first coat dry for 1-3 hours before applying the second coat.

After the epoxy is applied, we recommend that no cars or heavy objects are driven on or parked on the surface for 5-7 days. After that you are all set to enjoy your fresh and brand new looking garage floor!