Our Favorite Tried and True Interior Paint Colors Pt 1.- Gray Paints

As a general contractor, we are hired to do a LOT of painting work. To keep up with the demand for painting work by our RE pro’s, we keep our own in house painting division of the company. This allows us to provide the best service we can at competitive wholesale prices, avoiding having to pay a GC markup.

In the last two years especially, I’ve seen a huge increase in demand for interior color schemes that feature grey. Unfortunately for our clients, you don’t have just “50 shades of gray” to choose from, you have a virtually endless amount of slightly different gray to choose from to get that right shade for your project.

That’s why we want to share some of the interior and exterior paint colors that we’ve used that have had the most success and positive feedback. This list below will feature our top 5 favorite gray colors:

1. Colonnade Gray- Sherwin Williams SW7641

2. Muslin- Dunn Edwards DE6227

3. Dorian Gray- Sherwin Williams SW7017

4. Repose Gray- Sherwin Williams SW7015

5. Silver Drop- Behr 790C-2

There you have it folks, let us know what you think about our picks, and feel free to share some of your own favorite gray paints with us. For more information you can check us out at http://affrontipropertysolutions.net/… , and on instagram @affronti_property_solutions.