Our Favorite Tried and True Interior Paint Colors Pt 2. Greige!

As a general contractor, we are hired to do a LOT of painting work. To keep up with the demand for painting work by our RE pro’s, we keep our own in house painting division of the company. This allows us to provide the best service we can at competitive wholesale prices, avoiding having to pay a GC markup.

My favorite neutral color palettes to use are Greige colored paints. I prefer this over the neutral grays due to the huge boom in popularity for gray colors the last few years. Greige is gaining ground in popularity on gray and offers you the best of both worlds. With greige you can get either a gray or a beige base, and end up with a mixture of the two colors to form a newer better color. I like greige colors because they look great and stand out from all the grays and whites, they don’t look peach or yellow in a well lit room, and have mass appeal.

Here is our list of the top 5 favorite greige paint colors we use at Affronti Property Solutions:

1. Analytical Grey- Sherwin Williams SW 7051

2. Fine Grain- Dunn Edwards DE6213

3. Revere Pewter- Benjamin Moore HC-172

4. Edgecomb Gray- Benjamin Moore HC-173

5. Sculptor Gray- Behr UL170-9

Normal 1476158275 Analytical Gray

Normal 1476158295 Fine Grain

Normal 1476158313 Revere Pewter

Normal 1476158330 Edgecomb Gray

Normal 1476158339 Sculptor Gray

There you have it! If you like these colors or have some greige favorite of your own to share, please let us know.