I just filled up my entire gas tank for $0.26. Here’s How.

First off, here’s the proof:

How I Do This Weekly:

Starting in 2016, Home Depot got rid of the 5% Lowe’s credit match they were honoring for HD Commercial Account card holders. It was a sad day for us contractors, as that 5% really adds up over the course of a year. They didn’t leave use empty handed however; instead they offered us a way to get HUGE savings on fuel. They replaced the 5% discount with free enrollment in the HD Fuel Rewards incentive program. This basically enrolls you in the Shell Fuel Rewards system, and HD gives you discounted gas on the card based off your dollar amount spent.

You can get a full description of the program here.

The Savings:

We are loving the savings on gas we get with this program. It seems like every week I fill up my tank at least once and pay less than a dollar. I usually have a laugh with myself thinking about how jealous the person who uses the pump after me will be when they see the last person only paid 26 cents for gas!

Now the program does have limits on the discount amount you can get per gallon of gas. It also isn’t unlimited, as you have to accumulate points to use by spending money at Home Depot. As a GC, real estate developer and real estate investor, I spent a shockingly high amount of money at HD every year. This is what gets me the big savings at the pump.

I highly recommend signing up for this program. Any savings on gas is a great thing, especially if you don’t have to do anything extra to get them. You would likely be spending money at HD anyway as a real estate professional, so this is just an added benefit. In the real estate business every little bit helps, and if you aren’t in this program already I hope you enroll and it helps your business.

If you are a contractor or high volume spender at HD and you have a PAR pro rep, just contact them and have them help you get set up.

Happy savings!