Kitchen Rehab On A Budget: Highlights Of A Recent Project (With Product Highlights)

First here’s the proof: 

This was a rehab in Phoenix we recently completed on a foreclosed property. We received some great feedback on the rehab and how we transformed the property, especially the kitchen. The old kitchen at this house was a mess, cabinets were falling apart and water damaged, there was a big pantry cabinet in the middle of the layout, and too much bad drywall patching. This was a budget kitchen project for us, the client needed to complete the rehab and get solid market value for the area without breaking the bank, and this is the highest value kitchen we could provide.

Here’s what we did and what products we used:

Cabinets– For the contemporary look we were going for, we went with a painted white Shaker style cabinet. We kept most of the layout intact, but make a couple key changes. We removed the pantry cabinet, making the soffit flush along the entire wall, and created one continuous row of cabinets. This improved the flow, and because we make the island extra large lower cabinets we didn’t sacrifice storage. These cabinets are from Diamond Kitchen and Bath here in Phoenix, and cost about $2800 delivered (not installed). We have installed these cabinets dozens of times due to their quick lead times, cheap delivery and affordable cost with good looks.

Granite: The old kitchen was broken and warped laminate formica. With the price point we were going for, upgrading to granite was a worthwhile expense. The client requested a white granite that isn’t too “beige or yellowy”. This is hard to accomplish with granite. Most white granite has some beige in it due to it being a natural stone (also if you have soft light bulbs in the kitchen it can reflect beige). After some hunting I found the perfect match: Bianco Romano Supreme Granite 2cm. We picked this slab up at Arizona Tile here in Phoenix, and it cost about $850 with tax. It is the whitest granite I have found, but still has some nice cookies and cream accents running through it. I find it has a perfect amount of movement as well in the pattern, and doesn’t have those purple spots a lot of granites have. If you don’t have this specific granite in your area, I also recommend White Ice and Colonial Cream.






Flooring: We went with a contemporary ceramic wood plank tile throughout the interior. We love this type of flooring. If you use a thin 1/8″ grout line, you can get the tile to look just like wood for less cost and easier maintenance. This Kivu Ceniza 20″x8″ ceramic tile only cost $1.49/square foot from Floor and Decor. It’s one of the best deals we have found for wood look ceramic plank and it’s always in stock.


Paint: The paint color scheme for this house really tied the contemporary look together. Gray walls are extremely popular right now, so we went with a Sherwin Williams Repose Gray in an eggshell finish. It’s a gray we’ve used probably 50 times before, because it’s a great neutral that is consistent and well liked by buyers. It’s a medium gray that works perfectly with lighter materials in the house like white cabinets and granite.

Those are the highlights of our project. Hopefully this can provide some insight and specific products to use to bring your vision to life. All these products used won’t break the bank and are great for investors and real estate pro’s to use.

If you wanted to upgrade this look or go higher upscale, I would recommend adding modern 4″ brushed nickel straight bar cabinet pulls, as well as a modern/contemporary glass mosaic or stone/marble backsplash.

Happy flipping!