Wanted to bring together the highlights of a recent insurance restoration job completed for a large client. This unlucky landlord had a drunk driver smash a car right through their garage! Not a fun situation for anyone, these kind of unexpected expenses can really hurt your cash flow and bottom line on a rental. Lucky for them they had a great insurance policy that was able to cover the bulk of the restoration expenses.

We were able to come in and put this garage back together in about a week and a half. Here are the steps we went through to restore it:

  1. Demo all damaged area, cut back stucco, drywall, and framing an extra 4′ to ensure all damage is treated.
  2. Pour new stem wall, install new concrete anchors to prep for new wall.
  3. Frame out an 8′ wall with a corner for garage post.
  4. Install insulation, drywall, tape and texture to match rest of garage.
  5. Install new plywood on exterior side, new lathe, new stucco with popout on garage.
  6. Prime and paint all new areas matching existing close as possible.
  7. Install new garage door.

This was the third project we’ve done this year that involved a car crashing into a home. Not sure what’s going on with Arizona drivers these days maybe the heat is making them crazy! We love how the project came out and hope to continue insurance restoration jobs and finish strong this year.