Product Highlight Series- Helping Investors Find Great Products, Pt.1

Product Highlight Series- Helping Investors Find Great Products, Pt.1

This is the first part of a five part series where we will highlight some of the best products we are using on our flips and rental properties and give you real life actionable tips to help your business.

In our business, we do a ton of volume every year on flip and rental properties. When you do as much work as us, you tend to notice a lot of patterns and trends that the best investors use. We’ve been through all the trial and error of design and product/material choosing on a flip or investment, and have found out what generally works the best and has the greatest value for the dollar. So sit back, relax, and let us save you some headaches and time by giving you some of our favorite products.

The first products we are highlighting in this series is flooring. There are two major trends we are seeing in flip design and consumer tastes that are really driving change in flooring selection. The first trend would be ceramic or porcelain wood look tile flooring, and the second is a shift to large format tiles (especially rectangular 24″x12″). Let’s dive a bit deeper:

Ceramic/Porcelain Wood Look Tile Flooring:


  • Affordable
  • Easier to install than actual hardwoods.
  • Durable
  • If a tile breaks, you can break it out and just change the broken piece, if laminate breaks or is damaged the entire area needs to be ripped up.
  • Advancements in production and installation made this product look just like wood.


  • Trending now, but could go out of style.
  • Can be difficult to install

This kind of flooring is what we are installing on about 75% of our flip properties right now. People love it, and it’s economical for the flipper, so it’s really a win-win.

Here are two specific products I use in this category:

  1. Show Low #4 Ceramic Wood Look Plank Tile 36″x8″. This is from Baseboard, Doors, and More in Phoenix. It costs $1.50/sq ft (amazing price!). This is a gray colored floor with some light beige hints in it. There is also a lighter wood color available if you want more of a light beige/neutral look.
  2. Kivu Ceniza Ceramic Wood Look Plank Tile Gray 24″x7″. This is from Floor & Decor, and is available in a lot of their locations. It costs $1.49/sq ft, and the 24″ length is the cheapest format to install, helping bring down costs. This is a contemporary gray colored tile and looks amazing with modern/contemporary interior design.




Large Format Ceramic Tile


  • Cheaper than the wood look tile option.
  • Large ceramic tiles can be installed in many different layouts and patterns.
  • Endless options to choose from.


  • More expensive to install than a smaller format tile
  • Not as trendy as the wood look tile option.

This type of flooring is one of the most affordable options to go with while still being trendy and contemporary. The 24″x12″ rectangular tiles are a great look and help stand out from a lot of the basic square ceramic tile options.

Here are two specific products I use:

  1. Classic Bianca Porcelain 24″x 12″ Tile, $1.99/sq ft, Floor & Decor. This is a rectangular contemporary look tile that’s a neutral greige color. It looks great with gray or white walls and a contemporary scheme.
  2. Lummus Beach White Body 20″x20″ Tile, Floor & Decor. This is the tile that goes into most of our rental and buy and hold properties. It’s super affordable at $1.19/sq ft, and it has an awesome contemporary grey look to it. In the sunlight it picks up some beige/greige as well and gives a great contrast. It works well pared with neutral paint colors, white painted cabinets, and dark stained cabinets. 





All four of these tile options are winners and are specific products you can purchase and use in your own properties. There are a lot of similar products in different colors that fit this trend as well. We have yet to see a buyer or prospective tenant walk into a property with any of these floors installed and not love them. Best part is we didn’t break the bank or go crazy over improving our properties, and still achieved the same result.

Let us know what type of flooring and products you love to use on your projects!