Product Highlight Series- Helping Investors Find Great Products Pt. 2: Paint

Product Highlight Series- Helping Investors Find Great Products, Pt.2

This is the second part of a five part series where we will highlight some of the best products we are using on our flips and rental properties and give you real life actionable tips to help your business.

In our business, we do a ton of volume every year on flip and rental properties. When you do as much work as us, you tend to notice a lot of patterns and trends that the best investors use. We’ve been through all the trial and error of design and product/material choosing on a flip or investment, and have found out what generally works the best and has the greatest value for the dollar. So sit back, relax, and let us save you some headaches and time by giving you some of our favorite products.

Today’s category is paint. I’m going to discuss the two main paint brands we use that are great for rental and investment properties, and suggest 5 interior paint colors to try on your projects.

Paint brand One: Behr Pro Series (i300 and i100). This is my favorite paint brand to use for many reasons. The price is competitive and affordable for rental properties, flips, investment properties, and even new development. The affordable price point allows me to provide a good quality product without breaking the bank and without having to water down my paint to make the margins work. The value is also exceptional as well, as I think the Behr Pro i300 series is just as good as a Sherwin Williams Pro-Mar 200 or a Dunn Edwards Versaflat, but for less money per gallon. The greatest benefit to me is being able to get Behr products through Home Depot. The stores in my area now have Behr paint reps that work in the and directly with pro’s. My Behr reps handle all my needs from A-Z, and even have a system set up where I can just call or text in a paint order, and have it mixed, purchased, and delivered for me next day at no extra cost. That’s a huge time and money saver for a busy real estate professional and is more than worth making the switch to Behr Pro products.

**Pro Tip- To save extra money on paint costs without sacrificing quality, I use Behr Proi300 for the walls and body of my houses, but then drop down to Behr Proi100 for my ceilings, doors, baseboards, and trim. I find that the semi gloss paint in the lower tier is just as effective as the i300 for less cost.**





Paint brand two: Dunn Edwards Spartawall and SpartaShield. Dunn Edwards is the brand I go to when I need to step up in quality and price. Our go to DE paint for interiors is the Spartawall series. I find it to be a fair value for a premium paint line, with excellent quality and finish. It touches up well, is very sprayable, and uses less paint when sprayed than a lot of other paints (saving you money). Spartashield is the exterior paint we use for a lot of higher end projects. It holds up extremely well to heat and sun which is a major concern here in Arizona. A typical budget paint can last maybe 5 years, but properly applied Spartashield can last 10-20 years without fading or chipping. If a customer is conscious about durability of their exterior paint job, or have deal with a lot of fading, chipping, or sub quality product in previous exterior paints, this is my go to recommendation.





Now that you have two new paint brands to try out, what colors should you use??? We’ve got your covered. Here are the top five paint colors we have used with great success that always get good reviews from tenants and buyers:

  1. SW Agreeable Gray
  2. DE Fine Grain
  3. DE Crisp Muslin
  4. SW Repose Gray
  5. BM Revere Pewter

We’ve probably used these five colors on interior paints 100 times in the last few years. They’re tried and true, and will help sell your homes fast. They’re also neutral colors, so they can match with a lot of different design combinations and colors. For more information on paint colors we love check out this article on gray paint and this article on greige paint colors. 

Stay tuned for part three of our product highlight series next Monday!

Please feel free to share your favorite colors or paint brands in the comment section below, or shoot us an email.