All 3 Units At Oak Place Apartments Framed In 3 Days!

Construction update on our Oak Place Apartments- we completed framing!

The last update we posted was when the concrete foundation was poured and completed. That was just this past Thursday (1/4/18). Our concrete subs were able to complete that job the same day they started, which we were very happy with.

Due to some timely scheduling by the big boss Mike, we had our framing crew on site the very next morning bright and early to start all the framing, including the roof. Our framing sub has been working on our projects for many years now, and they work at a mind-boggling pace. They showed up with a big crew on a Friday, worked through the weekend, and we had an invoice for the completed job in hand by 9 am Monday morning.

Today we had our inspection, received our passing green tag, and our plumber and HVAC are already on site starting their next phase of the job.

Stay tuned next week, hopefully, we will windows and roofing completed! Fingers crossed that we can keep up the quick pace of construction for these apartments.

Check out the pics below:

Oak Place Apartments
Oak Place Apartments Framing
Oak Place Apartments Framing